Chapter Meeting (& Study Group)

The final chapter meeting of 2016 will be held Saturday 19 November 2016 at the Georgia Archives in Morrow, Georgia. The chapter meeting starts at 11 a.m. Details for the study group are available, here.

The presentation for the chapter meeting is:

Unexpected Results: Stories of DNA Matches Help Us Understand Responsible DNA Testing & Ethics

presented by Yvonne Mashburn Schmidt, CG SM.

How many times have we seen Facebook posts, blog posts, or emails that include DNA match names? As DNA testing and genetic genealogy become more popular, we should become better informed about ethics in this field. Listen to stories of those who have been impacted by surprising DNA results and understand the importance of protecting the privacy of our DNA matches.

This is a “lunch” meeting so feel free to bring a brown bag lunch. The Georgia Archives has a microwave and a vending machine but no other food services.

Visitors are welcome to attend the chapter meeting and the study group is always open to all. The article for the study group will be announced as soon as it is available and the finalized times for the meetings will be announced at that time.