July Study Group Meeting

The Georgia Chapter of the Association of Professional Genealogists is hosting the quarterly study group meeting on Saturday, July 9th. The study group is open to the public and is not aimed at professional genealogists but is a chance for intermediate and transitional genealogists to participate along with advanced and professional genealogists.

This quarter’s journal article is “Jonathan Turner—More than a Name: A Carolina Case Study in Dissecting Records” by Rachal Mills Lennon, CGSM. This article is from the March 2009 issue of the National Genealogical Society Quarterly, pages 17–28. If you are a current member of NGS, you can access back issues of the quarterly by logging into the member’s only section of the NGS website and navigating to publications and then the NGSQ archive.  Back issues are also available at many public libraries.

“Jonathan Turner—More than a Name” focuses on a South Carolina backcountry resident and the apparent lack of information available about him. In addition to describing what can be learned from few records, this article is also an excellent source to understand the proper use of Revolutionary War stub indents from South Carolina.

The study group strives to follow the seminar format described by William Litchman, CGSM in, “Teaching Analysis, Logic, and the Research Process: A Seminar Approach.” The specifics relative to reading the article before the meeting are described in the paragraph under the list of articles. New study group attendees can gain an understanding of the purpose of studying journal articles in a moderated setting, as well as giving them a general idea of what to expect at the meeting, by reading Dr. Litchman’s complete text.

Please join us to discuss “Jonathan Turner—More than a Name: A Carolina Case Study in Dissecting Records.” The meeting will start at 11:30 at the Georgia Archives. Bring a bag lunch.

3rd Quarter Study Group Meeting
Saturday, July 9th
Georgia Archives, Morrow
(confirm the room location with the front desk staff when you arrive)

As a reminder for chapter members, the next chapter meeting will be our “out of town” meeting. We will meet in Macon in conjunction with the Georgia Genealogical Society seminar on August 13th featuring Mark Lowe, CGSM.